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Meadow Glen Middle School9

Lexington, SC | Lexington County

February 28, 2015

As a student I can tell that this school isn't very good. We have no lockers and our book bags weigh a ton. They say all of our stuff is on our iPads but it's not. My book bag only has what I need for school and it weighs over twenty pounds. The teachers here don't really care about us, they care about the numbers on the test scores. I'm not saying all teachers though. Most just yell at students all the time while others try to help you. Also, the school gave all the teachers Mac book airs so they sit on those all day instead of teaching us class. The staff it's very good either.the deans get onto students for tiny things but pay no attention to the big things. The students are kinda nice, but most are jerks. I've never hated a school until I came to this one. If you have the choice don't send your kid to this school!

May 21, 2014

My child started here his year as an 8th grader and this has been the happiest year of his life! He has been in a few other schools in other states, and has found that the teachers, atmosphere, and students here are generally happy and welcoming. The teachers have seemed good to me overall, but I wish there were more gifted classes- like in science and social studies - but that seems to be district wide. Agree with the locker comment- I assume it is for safety reasons. Our old school made them carry CLEAR backpacks, at least these are normal. I really like the principal, the classes are doing real world activities like volunteering at the elementary school, presenting projects to the community, and learning CPR And survival skills. The students are given a lot of freedom, but with that comes an expectation of responsibility. They are supplied with iPads, and many projects are done electronically. Overall, love the school

Submitted by a parent

May 12, 2014

It is quite alarming that the school principal shows little interest that there are incompetent teachers working in this school with inadequate content knowledge in their subject area. We met with the principal; he listened to us, and did nothing. It's unbelievable to think that these people have college degrees. Student behavior in our children's classes is awful. Our children tell us that their teachers yell at the students everyday. The Deans in this school are ineffective. It is a well designed school building, and could be a wonderful learning environment for middle school students. However, the administration needs to take a serious interest in what the students are learning!

Submitted by a teacher

April 27, 2014

We are disappointed with this school. It is a very new and quite beautiful facility. However, it is the quality of the teachers that really matters in a school, and too many of the teachers here just don't make it. We've had many reports of classes being left unsupervised, teachers giving inappropriate personal information, and of teachers without sufficient content area knowledge. The building administration doesn't seem interested in making improvements in these areas, as repeated complaints have fallen on VERY "dis-interested" ears. Another MAJOR problem .no lockers! Whose idea was that? WIth all the people must be involved in the design phase of new school construction, is it really possible that NO ONE said, "Hey, aren't these kids going to need lockers?" If there truly was a really good reason for eliminating the lockers, it was NOT communicated to the parents. These kids are carrying HEAVY book bags everyday. Bottom line -- teachers with questionable abilities, dis-interested administration, no student lockers. That means this school has problems. It takes more than a great facility to make a great school. As always, it's what's on the INSIDE that counts.

Submitted by a parent

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